Arunachal: NABARD Inspects Oyster Mushroom Projects

The project has set up ten units to show how to grow mushrooms, and these units can be copied in other places too.

DIYUN-   DDM, NABARD, Kamal Roy, visited and inspected ten Oyster Mushroom Production units in Diyun, Arunachal Pradesh. These units are part of an FSPF project funded by NABARD and implemented by the Changlang Community Resource Management Society (CCRMS). The project aims to help Diyun, Changlang District’s local communities by supporting mushroom farming and entrepreneurial skills.


The project focuses on Oyster Mushroom cultivation because these mushrooms are nutritious and in demand everywhere. The project has set up ten units to show how to grow mushrooms, and these units can be copied in other places too.

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DDM, NABARD Kamal Roy, along with Nanju Simai Tithak, DPD, CCRMS, interacted with 25 farmers who are part of the project. They saw how the project is helping the farmers and making a difference in their lives.

The project is not only helping the farmers earn more money but also teaching them sustainable farming methods and helping them improve their nutrition.

Kamal Roy praised the hard work of the farmers and the efforts of CCRMS in making the project successful. He said that the project is not just about growing mushrooms but also about protecting the environment by using agricultural waste to grow mushrooms.

The project also provides training, resources, and help in selling the mushrooms, ensuring it continues to benefit the farmers in the long run.

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Now, as the project moves forward, the focus is on keeping up the good work and reaching more people. With support from NABARD and the active involvement of local communities, the Oyster Mushroom Project is expected to bring positive changes to rural areas in Arunachal Pradesh.

Later, DDM, NABARD, Kamal Roy chaired a Project Monitoring & Review Committee (PMRC) meeting along with officials from the Horticulture Department and other members to review the project’s progress.


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