Arunachal: Meeting held on inter-state border issues

Rome Mele, Assistant Director, Border Affairs presented a power point on the border issues and the regional committee reports

YUPIA- A meeting was held in the DC Conference Hall, Yupia to discuss the issues of long pending inter – state border issues.


The meeting was conducted under the initiative of the Papum Pare District Border People’s Forum Committee to interact with the newly posted circle officers of Gumto, Kakoi, Kimin and Tarasso and to appraise them of the issues relayed to interstate border with Assam.

Rome Mele, Assistant Director, Border Affairs presented a power point on the border issues and the regional committee reports.

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DC Papum Pare  Jiken Bomjen while addressing the forum, urged the participants to work in tandem with the Border Peace Committees constituted for the sub divisions, circles and villages for a coordinated border management.

SP  Taru Gusar while sharing his experiences on the border issues urged the members of the Forum to facilitate maintenance of peace and also maintain status quo on the Inter state border in view of the upcoming general elections.

“So far no fresh cases of encroachment has taken place,” the SP informed , ‘ However the Border Peace committees should inform the administration if any such case comes to the notice immediately. “

 T T Topu, DFO, Banderdewa while participating in the discussions informed that ‘the interstate borders under his jurisdictions falls under the reserve forest area and that the Forest Department envisages protection of forest and wildlife and  have accordingly increased patrolling in the area “.

 Nabam Akin, President, Papum Pare District Border People’s Forum Committee also highlighted various border issues.

Informing about the recent incident wherein the Survey team from Assam visited Bogoli and collected soil samples, without the knowledge of the Papumpare district administration Nabam Akin added that “ such incidents should not  happen again.”

He also urged the administration to settle the boundary issues as soon as possible.

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Further referring to the boundary meeting of 1979 wherein Assam and Arunachal Pradesh had agreed to share information on activities in and around the border areas, with G. Borbora and P. K Thungon , the then Chief Ministers as signatories,  Nabam Akin urged both the counterparts to abide by the agreement to maintain peace.

After detail discussions the meeting resolved that both Assam and Arunachal Pradesh should maintain status quo and the encourage the peace committee initiatives at the block and Circle levels

Among others  R Obing, SDPO, EAC Smt. Dani Rikang, CO Gumto Afa Phassang, CO Tarasso Dr.Leegang Ampi, CO Kakoi,  Rongni Bagang, Committee members of PPDBPF  Dake Thomas, VP,  Tame Achung, GS,  Nabam Tasso,  Likha Rosin attended the meeting.


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