Arunachal: LS DC issues stern warning to banks to deliver seamless service to farmers

DC said bank officials are also Govt. paid employees who ought to perform their duties smoothly by disbursing the Govt. sponsored loans and subsidies timely and without any undue hassles.

ZIRO-  Lower Subansiri Deputy Commissioner Bamin Nime issued stern warnings to banks of the district to provide seamless services to its clients particularly farmers and small-time entrepreneurs during the District Consultative Committee Meeting (DCC) held at the Golden Jubilee Hall of District Secretariat here today.

Admonishing the banks for undue delay in disbursement of Govt. sponsored loans and subsidies, the DC said bank officials are also Govt. paid employees who ought to perform their duties smoothly by disbursing the Govt. sponsored loans and subsidies timely and without any undue hassles.

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Agriculture, horticulture, fishery, animal husbandry farmers and needy small-time entrepreneurs seek Govt. sponsored loans and subsidies including Atma Nirbhar Yojanas to start their own start-ups. Govt. has also devised such programmes and policies for welfare of the people and he banks have no reason to sit over such cases, he said, while urging the banks to speed up disbursement of Govt. loans and subsidies so that no deserving farmer or entrepreneur suffer due to unnecessary delays by the banks.

Further cautioning the banks, the DC said in future such cases of undue delays to farmers and entrepreneurs for processing and disbursement of Govt. sponsored loans and subsidies would be taken up seriously with the particular defaulting  banks and necessary actions would be initiated as per existing RBI guidelines and Govt. norms.

Meanwhile officers of agriculture, horticulture and fisheries also echoed loans sought by farmers are ‘seasonal based’ and a farmer seeking loan for kharif crop but getting it sanctioned during rabi season dilutes the whole meaning of good intention by Govt. all because of undue delay by the banks concerned.

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Low and poor disbursement of Govt. sponsored loans and subsidies was another hot topic discussed during the meeting. In Horticulture’s Atma Nirbhar Bhagwani Yojna for the current season, 665 loans had been sanctioned by Govt. while only 158 loans had been so far disbursed to farmers.

In Agriculture’s Atma Nirbhar Krishi Yojna, out of 402 applicants 155 had been disbursed while 247 were still pending. Similarly, In Animal Husbandry’s Atma Nirbhar Pasu Palan Yojna, all 30 cases were still pending disbursement.

Lead District Manager from Itanagar S.R Singh also urged the banks to pull up their socks and deliver quick and efficient services to marginalized farmers and small-time entrepreneurs. He also informed banks must carry out 167 Gram Panchayat Saturation Meetings at the district of which 113 had been carried out so far while 54 meetings need to carried till 31st of this month.

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RBI Assistant General Manager from Itanagar Alok Kumar said Govt. direction is paramount for the banks in transacting their business. However, he also added that banks need to adjust their guidelines as per Govt. direction from time to time. Alok also informed that an RBI office would soon come up at the state capital which would be a great relief to banking sector.

SBI Hapoli Chief Manager Nurul Saikia, branch managers of Apex, Axis, HDFC, CBI, PNB, Canara and APRSB banks located within the District attended the day-long meeting.


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