Arunachal: Lelek bridge construction committee appeals commuters to maintain the guideline of load restriction


PASIGHAT- ( By-Maksam Tayeng ) The Lelek bridge construction committee who had constructed a local bamboo made temporary suspension bridge over the portion of cut off road near Rottung along Pasighat-Pangin road, has appealed to the general commuters of the bridge to maintain the guideline of load restriction.

In a statement, the bridge construction committee said that the bridge was constructed voluntarily by the people of Pangin and Kebang circles residing both at Pangin-Kebang under Siang District and Pasighat under East Siang District.

“No government assistance and help were taken for construction of the temporary suspension bridge and it was constructed by the local people to ease the hurdles faced by the localities there as common citizens faced numerous hardship after a portion of the road slid off to the deep gorge of Siang river.

The construction was done though the District Administration and Highway department didn’t allow it, because the alternative road construction was taking time which is yet to be completed despite passing of more than 40 days”, said Austeem Muang, a member from the bridge construction committee.

As per the committee member, the temporary bridge has limited load capacity instruction and guideline of which is clearly written on the display board hung at the bridge point. Due to daily use of the bridge for emergency purposes, the bridge has got certain damages and the committees are taking measures to repair the bridge soon with wooden planks for more durability.

Meanwhile, former ZPM Berin Padung has said that the alternative road construction as a by-pass is not going to serve the actual purpose of proper vehicular movements as only the light vehicle will be able to ply on that rough new road from 20 Mile to Damuk-Rottung.

Padung and the temporary bridge construction committee has appealed to the concerned Highway department and the state government as a whole to construct the permanent road from the same cut off portion area by avoiding the new by-pass road which is likely to be more expensive with difficult roads.

It is worth recalling here that the portion of Pasighat-Pangin National Highway around 30 Mtrs were completely destroyed by landslide on 27th June last after portion of the road slid off to the deep gorge of Siang river due to heavy rain of monsoon some 36.6 KM near Rottung under Siang District after which people of Siang district faced many untold miseries including the medical emergency cases.

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