Arunachal: Indigenous faith believers observes Donyi Polo day

PASIGHAT-( By- Maksam Tayeng )- The Donyi Polo Day was celebrated by indigenous faith believers across the state on the last day of the year on Saturday by offering prayers to the natural Gods and Goddesses in various Ganggings ( place of worship of indigenous religion and faith of Tani tribes ( Adis, Galos, Nyishis, Apatanis, Tagins and Mishings ) and as per sources the celebration took place in 302 Ganggings across Arunachal Pradesh and Assam.

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The main celebration took place here at Central Donyi-Polo Yelam Kebang centre, Pasighat as well as at Siying Gangging, GTC and Lamrung Gangging at old Solung ground with traditional zest and religious zeal where traditional prayers to appease the nature God ‘Sun & Moon’ were offered. Several hundreds of believers & faith of indigenous religion of Donyi-Poloism thronged in to offer prayers.

Speaking on the occasion, Ajem Tayeng, President, Central Donyi Polo Yelam Kebang (CDPYK), Pasighat said that the day is of immense important for the believers of indigenous believers of Donyi Polism  who prays Donyi and Polo (Sun and Moon) as God for Donyi Polo is the natural power that sustain the entire globe and the natural beings.

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While Tajom Tasung, Secretary General, CDPYK said that the day is observed and celebrated across the state including parts of Dhemaji and Majuli districts of Assam in which all six Tani tribes of Arunachal Pradesh offer prayers to the Donyi-Polo, the natural God. While at Siying Gangging, Er. Gonong Pertin, EE, WRD Pasighat spoke in detail about the importance of Donyi-Poloism, the aboriginal religion of indigenous people of Tani tribes. He laid emphasis on preserving and protecting the indigenous faith.


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