Arunachal: IGTAMSU FDP- Day 2, ‘Mentoring pedagogy and teaching for higher education’

ZIRO-  A successful day on faculty development programme by Indira Gandhi Technological and Medical Sciences University (IGTAMSU) has held by three eminent speakers of different fields.

Mr. Brajesh Kumar Choubey share his view in “Teaching Pedagogy in Legal Education” where He has discussed in details about methods of teaching (like –case based study, interactive learning, lecture method etc.) with live examples,  and also unlighted the various updated tools used in legal studies.

In afternoon session Dr. Pratima Gautam, from BIT Meerut  emphasized on the  “New pedagogical approaches in higher educational institutions, post COVID-19 : Needs and challenges” . she spoke on contemporary issues facing by rural and remote population of the country during Covid 19 and suggested the remedy for the problem by using upgraded technology, electricity , communication and Andragogy  & Androgogic system in the affected areas. She also suggested to upgrade the educational system as per emerging context.

Today’s last presenter was Dr. Somsankar Mukherjee(PT) who briefed about the physiotherapy  educational system in past and present. He also highlighted the merits and demerits of online classes of health sciences courses with special reference to physiotherapy education. He updated the current research on physiotherapeutic  pedagogy as globally.  A strong brainstorming session  had happened after every key note speech. Participants appreciated the FDP. Mr. Santosh kr. Yadav cheered the entire technical sessions.

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