Arunachal: Govt will facelift all schools, hospitals and office buildings across the state- Khandu

The old Assam type building constructed during UT days that has outlived its usefulness will be reconstructed in a phase wise across the state.



Chief Minister Pema Khandu today informed that the state government will reconstruct and refurbish all the infrastructures of the schools, hospitals and all government office buildings across the state that were constructed during the Union Territory days.

Chief Minister informed in a review meeting held today with the heads of the departments, govt officers and officials while taking the review of the implementation of all important flagships programmes of the state and the centre.

He said the old Assam type building constructed during UT days that has outlived its usefulness will be reconstructed in a phase wise across the state. However, challenging the task may be but the mission to phase out all such buildings will be completed, he added.

He further appealed the govt officers to begin making corrective steps for better Arunachal, else the state will not be able to come out from the rule of muscle power and money power. He said today’s youths are frustrated with the ways things are in the government and seeks to see change and desires the government to cleanse the system.

He said the onus lay on people who are in the position today – to bring change and to give back to the society. He said politicians are only policy maker but real ground level implementations of govt programmes and policies has to be executed by the govt officers and hence the greater responsibilities.

Chief Minister further said he is in constant touch with the public through social, SMS and WhatsApp and received information through them about the lack of sincerity on the part of govt officers and their regular absentee from office.

He appealed them to be sincere in their duty as their insincerity will affect the development of the state. He said the times have changed and thinks are not like as it used to be earlier. We can’t sit idle and the state government has to submit its performance report every two months to the PMO, said the CM and informed that PMO is constantly monitoring the performance of the state and sends back their remarks on area where the state is lagging for improvement.

Chief Minister further said the state government is always sympathetic to the cause of its government employees and had accordingly implemented the 7th CPC, increased the retirement age, implemented the tough location allowances and increased the monthly wages of its workers.

He said the state government is in receipt of further submission from the govt employees for actions to be taken for their welfare. CM assured that all such genuine demands will be fulfilled in days to come.


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