Arunachal: Governor visits at Malinithan Temple

Malinithan Temple is a great tourist attraction for visitors to Arunachal Pradesh: Governor

LIKABALI- The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Lt. General KT Parnaik, PVSM, UYSM, YSM (Retd.) visited Malinithan Temple at Likabali, Lower Siang District on 23rd August 2023. He saw the excavated remains of the temple, while being briefed by Buru Taki, Research Technical Assistant, Directorate of Research, Govt of Arunachal Pradesh, about the archaeological site and new findings.

According to archaeologists, the granite sculptures are believed to be from around the 14th century. Some of the preserved sculptures are those of Indra on Airavat, Surya on a ratha and magnificent Nandi bull. The temple dedicated to Goddess Durga is architecturally similar to those in eastern India.


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The Governor interacted with government officials, temple priests and Gaon Burahs in the temple complex and offered prayer at the temple. He complimented the society which looks after the monument.

The Governor said that Malinithan Temple is a pious and well preserved monument. He said that it is a great tourist attraction for visitors to Arunachal Pradesh, while suggesting the local MLA Kardo Nyigyor and Deputy Commissioner Lower Siang Marto Riba to further beautify the temple complex and maintain cleanliness to increase the footfall of visitors and devotees to the temple.

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To commemorate his maiden visit to the archaeological site, Governor participated in a plantation programme organised by the Likabali Forest Division and planted a sapling of Ficus microcarpa.

Malinithan is a place associated with the legend of Lord Krishna. On the way to Dwarka from Bhismaknagar, Krishna and Rukmini were resting here and they were offered the choicest flowers by Goddess Parvati. Parvati addressed Rukmini as Malini which translates as one associated with garlands. Thus the place is known as Malinithan or place of garlands.


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