Arunachal Elections: My main agenda is to work for the indigenous people of state-Khyoda Apik

My main motto and agenda for the ensuing Lok Sabha election is to work for the indigenous people of state and the region stated NPP Candidate Khyoda Apik.



National Peoples  Party (NPP) MP candidate Khyoda Apik from Western Parliament went on campaigning  trail to garner public support attended several local meeting in capital complex today and sough support from general public specially youths to take part in election for corruption free state and  all round development.

Apik while addressing the local youths at Papu Nallah said that his campaigning is going well and have visited several parts of West Siang, Lower Siang, Leparada and other parts. the response of the people is quite encouraging.

Having several planning, policy and programmes for the development of state if elected Apik said that there have been lack of development in the state and the people are not happy with the working style of the present leaders and shifting the responsibility among others.

We have witness series of protest and democratic movement in the recent past and three innocent youth have laid down their lives on the PRC issue and said that a responsibility need to be fixed but the party in power and others shifted their involvement on others and said such action need to be discarded even in future as we are peace loving people and state is also know for island of peace.

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Since the western parliamentary constituency geographical area is too large which cover 33 assembly constituency and I will try to reach and listen and meet the people there.

My main motto and agenda for the ensuing election is to work for the indigenous people of state and the region.  He also highlighted the CAB and PRC issue which people of the region have rejected it.

Youths are the future of tomorrow and they should also take part with great enthusiasm as they are equally responsible for the state and nation development and appeal all youths and those who attain the 18 years of age and enrolled themselves as an electors and appeal them to come forward and participate in the election process and vote for development and corruption free. Apik added.

Further speaking to media Apik said that I have lots of faith and hope in the people of state who are the deciding  the destiny of state for a corruption free Arunachal.


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