Arunachal: Couple arrested for selling drugs to minors

The couple caught red handed selling Brown Sugar to a minor child aged 16 years and 5 grms Brown Sugar worth Rs 5000 was seized. 



By Maksam Tayeng                     

While continuing their undying efforts to fight against growing menace of drug abuses and its peddling in the region where minors are also falling fast prey into, the Women Against Social Evils (WASE) along with Ruksin and Jonai police nabbed habitual drug peddler from Jelom village (Assam) along Assam-Arunachal boundary after a joint operation was launched. 

As per WASE sources, on Friday night (1st Nov’19) at around 7.30 PM one Lengeri Buri alias Miti Moyong and her husband Mente Pait were arrested from their house at Jelom(Assam) for selling drugs to a minor boy from Arunachal Pradesh.

The arrest were made in a joint operation by Ruksin Police, Women Against Social Evils(WASE) and Jonai(Assam) Police. 

The drug peddler Mrs Miti Moyong is known as Lengeri Buri by her customers and her customer includes both adults and minors as young as 14-15 years old children who become drug peddlers themselves afterwards. Most of the children caught by WASE confessed that they bought the drugs from Lengeri Buri. 

Two years ago, WASE had approached Lengeri Buri at her residence at Jelom, Assam and told her to stop selling drugs but she continued selling the drugs to minors also without any fear of law.

However, on her repeated offenses despite being warned earlier, an operation was jointly conducted by Ruksin Police led by Thungon Tali OC, Jonai Police led by  Rituraj Doley SDPO and Bhim Kanta Pegu, Inspector, OC Jonai and the WASE team led by its President Yamik Dulom Darang to nab the drug peddler duo.

 The drug peddler duo was caught red handed selling Brown Sugar to a minor child aged 16 years and 5 grms Brown Sugar worth Rs 5000 was seized. 

Talking at the sideline of the joint operation, WASE General Secretary, Joya Tasung Moyong said that, the East Siang Police under its new Superintendent of Police Rajiv Ranjan Singh is very active and determined to curb the menace of drug trafficking in the district. WASE had also approached Singh to form an Anti Drug Squad in East Siang District.

The Jonai Police has been very co-operative and swift in taking action against the drug peddler duo. WASE is grateful to the Jonai Police for their co-operation and swift actions in arresting the drug peddlers as per their assurances given by them that they will always co-operate in the fight against drug by WASE.

“The fight to protect the children from the menace of drugs, WASE will always keep on the fight no matter whatever comes in our way because WASE mother thinks that it is every mother’s right to fight back to protect her children from drugs” added Jaya Tasung Moyong.

A large number of minor children from East Siang District are turning into drug peddlers now because when the parents come to know that their child is into drug addiction, they stopped giving money and after that the main drug suppliers starts using the minor children to do their drug business by giving them incentives like giving them the drugs at cheaper rates, some percentage of the money after selling the drugs, offering to buy bikes if a child agrees to become their agent, informed WASE sources this evening.

 Both the drug peddler duo are not employed and no known business run by them but their property, vehicle, building, utensils and the costly furniture in their house indicates that they are earning huge money from their drug business states Mrs Yamik Dulom Darang, President WASE.


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