Arunachal: Chowna Mein inaugurates the pancasila vihara at galenja singpho village

CHANGLANG-  The Deputy Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Chowna Mein, inaugurated the Pancasila Vihara here at Galenja Singpho village in Changlang district on 12th January 2023, in the presence of  MLA Somlung Mossang, and other dignitaries.

The Pancasila Vihara is a symbol of peace and religious harmony in the region. It is a place of worship for the followers of Buddhism and is also a centre for learning and cultural activities and events.

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The original Vihara was a kuccha structure built in the year 1980 by the local people of the Galenja Singpho village and the neighboring villages. Sensing the need for a concrete establishment, the first pillar of the Pancasila Vihara was then erected in 2020 and completed the consecration this year. The name is a derivative of the  five fundamental principles of the Indian religion known as “Pancasila”.

Addressing the event, DCM emphasized that the Pancasila Vihara is not only a place of religious worship and devotion, but they also serve as centres of learning and education. Viharas were traditionally places of learning in ancient India, and were responsible for preserving and spreading traditional knowledge and culture. It will further strengthen the sense of unity and communal harmony among the people of Arunachal Pradesh. He also gave assurance of his complete support to the Sanga in preserving the traditional culture and heritage of the state.

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Furthermore, he also urged the citizens of the state to embrace the spirit of peace and communal harmony and strive to achieve the dream of a “New Arunachal”. The Deputy Chief Minister expressed his gratitude to the Galenja Singpho community for taking the initiative to build the vihara.

Highlighting the National Youth Day, he enlightened about the principles of Swami Vivekananda and advised the youths to adopt his principles in their life to boost their morales and self confidence.

Earlier, the DCM also flagged off the Young India Run Marathon, organised by the Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha, commemorating the National Youth Day and advised the youths to stay focused on their studies to achieve greater success and help the region develop. He also asked them to stay away from drugs and other such vices.


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