Arunachal: Chowna Mein Attends the 50th Capital Complex Dree Festival Celebration

This celebration marks a significant milestone, symbolizing the rich traditions and history of the Apatani community.

ITANAGAR- The Deputy Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Chowna Mein, today graced the Golden Jubilee Capital Complex Dree Festival Celebration at Dree Ground, Papu Nallah. This celebration marks a significant milestone, symbolizing the rich traditions and history of the Apatani community.

Deputy CM Mein inaugurated the Apatani Heritage – Souvenir Shopping Complex and the Golden Jubilee Dree Heritage Gate. The new complex will serve as a platform for local artisans to display their unique crafts, fostering sustainable livelihoods and cultural exchange.


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On the occasion, Mein released two books and one music album of the community. Name of the books released are ‘Gangu Ellu’ featuring the lyrical verses of fifty Apatani song by Taro Tallo, and another book ‘Miji Nando’ compiled by Dr. Hage Tabyo, containing Apatani Shamanic verses & folktales. The music album released is called ‘Ane Aba’ by Punyo Krah & Medu Foundation School.

Mein lauded the efforts put in the publication of the books and production of the music album as a means to preserve the rich folk legacy of the Apatani community. Prior to this, most of the literature pertaining to the indigenous communities were passed down orally through generations.

Mein noted that books and audio-visual recordings today serve as powerful preservation mediums to capture the rich cultural heritage of the land and should be utilised to cover extensive range literary works by the various tribal communities of the State. In this context, Mein also cited potential for cultural and research tourism in the State.

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Praising the Apatani community, Mein reflected on the festival’s 50-year journey, emphasizing the importance of retrospection and future planning for the betterment of both the community and the State.

During the programme, Lifetime Achievement Awards were also conferred to the individuals associated with the conceptualisation and continuation of the Central Dree Festival. Among the recipients were Former Director of Arts & Culture, Lod Kojee who served as the First General Secretary of the Central Dree Festival Committee, along with Hage Kojeen, IAS (Retd), Bamin Kano, Joram Lalin, Dr. Bengia Tolum and Shri P.G. Tago. In addition, Late Gyati Challa, Nani Challa, and Tasso Grayul were among the posthumous recipients of the award, for their visionary efforts.

Mein also commended the Apatani community for their contributions to the state’s development, citing the example of Robin Hibu, the first IPS Officer and first DGP from Arunachal Pradesh, and many other Apatani officers serving in various administrative positions.

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Exemplifying the government’s commitment, Mein also highlighted GoAP’s effort to preserving and promoting the state’s rich cultural heritage through various initiatives, such as the creation of the Department for Indigenous Affairs, Gurukul Schools, the introduction of local dialects as the third language, and honorariums for priests.

Deputy CM Mein urged the youth to remain disciplined, work hard, strive for perfection, and achieve professionalism in their chosen fields while staying connected to their roots.


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