Arunachal: Chowna Mein addresses a development meeting at Alubari-Napatia Village Namghar in Chongkham

NAMSAI-  Arunachal Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein chaired a development meeting today at Alubari-Napatia Village Namghar in Chongkham Assembly Constituency, Namsai District, Arunachal Pradesh.

The meeting was attended by DC Namsai, C. R. Khampa, ZPC, Urmila Manchekhun, BJP President, Sujana Namchoom, Chongkham Chief, Jenia Namchoom, Chongkham ZPM, Jenia Namchoom, and other officials and village residents to learn about the grievances of the people residing in the villages, as well as to discuss various developmental projects in the area.

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Mein talked about the role of IT and social media in bringing greater transparency in all phases of development in today’s time. Upholding the same virtue, he mentioned that all necessary measures are being taken to ensure that the benefits of the various Govt. Schemes currently implemented goes directly to the villagers. He emphasized on the implementation of a stringent monitoring system to ensure that the schemes reach their intended beneficiaries. The villagers of the area have also submitted a joint memorandum expressing their issues and demands; to which the Deputy Chief Minister has assured them that it will be taken up on priority basis and will be implemented in effective phases. In addition, he encouraged the people to come forward with all their issues and reaffirmed that the Govt. is committed to meeting all the developmental needs of the people.

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Further in the meeting, Mein emphasized the importance of conserving freshwater fish as a major source of food and livelihood for many communities and suggested taking steps to ensure that freshwater fish are properly managed and protected to ensure their sustainability. He also stressed upon building awareness among the people so that they understand the importance of the conservation of the region’s rich flora and fauna. Adding on, he also suggested that the administration should provide incentives to promote conservation activities.

Keeping in mind the rising number of HIV cases, Mein also emphasized the importance of raising awareness among the locals about preventive measures for HiV/AIDS and urged people to support HIV and AIDS patients toward fostering an environment of acceptance and understanding for them.

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Mein further reinforced the need to aid women-led Self Help Groups (SHGs) in the region for inclusive growth and strengthening the regional economy. In this regard, he assured that proactive steps are being taken to establish Street Vendor & Village Market Shed at Guna Nagar & other feasible villages. In addition, financial assistance and adequate skill-development training toward empowering the SHGs and local small businesses were also highlighted by the Deputy Chief Minister during the meeting.

Deputy Chief Minister has further assured the gathering that it will be taken up on priority basis-  to work closely with the local government and other stakeholders to ensure that the villagers get access to all necessary resources and services for the overall development of the region.


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