Arunachal: BRTF Ziro organizes outreach activities for LiFE

Organized from 18th to 27th May, these events were focused towards creating mass awareness for mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment).

ZIRO- As part of World Environment Day, HQ.756 BRTF Ziro unit organized a series of social welfare outreach events here recently.

Organized from 18th to 27th May, these events were focused towards creating mass awareness for mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment).


The events included a bicycle rally, collection and donation of books and utensils to old age home & orphanages, plastic collection drive, cleanliness drive and segregation of plastic wastes, outreach programme on educating students on environmental mitigation and tree plantation at 119 RCC, 85 RCC, 528 SS & TC, 1079 field workshop and 1591 PNR coy. The events were organized at Ziro, Koloriang, Yazali, Kimin, Joram and Nirjuli.

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HQ.756 BRTF Ziro unit which also covers the neighbouring Kurung Kumey and Kra Dadi BRTF units organized the bicycle rally on 18th May which traversed through the villages of Ziro, Lempia, Bulla, Hija and Nenchalya in which message of LiFE was spread to the locals.  The rally was organized with four teams covering a stretch of 20 kms. A team of five officers, five supervisors and 10 others participated at the rally.

Similarly, two teams of HQ.756 BRTF carried out plastic collection drive at the villages of Lempia, Old Ziro and Bulla while three teams of 119 RCC at Yazali market, two teams of 85 RCC at Koloriang market, two teams of 528 SS&TC at Kimin and two teams of 1079 field workshop at Joram Top and nearby locations also carried out the plastic collection drives. Large number of plastic bottles was collected during the drives and the importance of cleanliness and use of biodegradable alternatives to plastic were explained to the locals.

The 119 RCC also organized donation of utensils to Deepak Nabam’s Living Home (A Home for No Home) at Senki Park, Itanagar, and also conducted a lecture at Salam Children Academy, Yazali for classes 5th & 6th students while the 85 RCC also conducted a lecture at Koloriang Public School for classes 6th and 7th students to create awareness on environment & importance of tree plantation.

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Later, fruit bearing trees were also planted by HQ 756 BRTF at Pine Grove, 119 RCC at Yazali and 85 RCC at Koloriang respectively.

Meanwhile, the staff of all sub-units of HQ.756 BRTF took a pledge to make all possible changes in their daily life to protect the environment and also to continuously motivate their family, friends and others on the importance of environmentally friendly habits.

Colonel Archana Sood, who recently took over as the commander of HQ.756 BRTF Pinegroove said we want to be actively involved in any of the social welfare activities undertaken by the District Administration or NGO at the District for welfare of the people and the place.

I want to make my tenure at Ziro the most fruitful by contributing as best as possible in any of the efforts to bring smiles to faces of the people through the combined efforts of all stakeholders including that of BRTF, the lady colonel said.


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