Arunachal: Biki Tayo denies involvement in the vandalising of Likha Saaya’s resident

Biki Tayo and others denied their involvement in the vandalising of Saaya resident at Nirjuli on March 24.



Biki Tayo who was recently arrested by police in charge of allegedly leading the mob involved in vandalising the residence of  former MLA of Yachuli, Likha Saaya’s at Nirjuli on Saturday clarified that he was not the ring leader as stated in police investigation report but a victim of “wrongful conviction”.

Interacting with press person here at Arunachal press club, Biki justified that he was arrested without any probable cause by police, but on mere suspicion.

He also clarified that mob attack on Saaya, ‘ residence was not instigated by him nor did he came there with such mischievous purpose as he only arrived there after Saaya’s summoned him to discuss few politics related issues over his withdrawal of candidature.

Also refuting the charge by police of forcefully barging into the master bedroom of Saaya with a knife and slashing sofa under the room, Biki said ” I arrived at the spot when everything was over and entered Saaya bedroom when he himself summoned me which the police wrongly assumed as I tried to physically attack Saaya and denied his involvement in vandalising and other criminal activities there.

Meanwhile three other suspects who were also alleged to be involved in the vandalism incident in police report namely Khoda Tamang, Tayo Tagio and Jamlo Esack also expressed their reservation over dragging their names in the vandalism episode with no fault of theirs.

Categorically refuting the claim of police, the trio clarified that they arrived at the spot with an intention to help in containing the situation, not with a motive to support the action of the mob and were part of the meeting who all were called for the meeting there in the evening.

“The circumstances during the time of the incident was such like that police assumed we are on the side of the mob, ” the trio further clarified adding that are strong supporters of Saaya’s since last 10 years and won’t do such thing against its long-time leader.

They sought apology from Saaya for dragging the names of few person rather there were hundreds of people who were to attend the meeting.

Meanwhile a press release on similar issue by All Arunachal Volunters Sena criticised the arrest of few person in the case rather there were hundreds of people. all involved in the vandalising case should be booked and why few only is being harassed and targeted. The release added.


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