Arunachal: Anjaw oranges selling like hot cake in Lohit & Namsai market  

TEZU- A Mishmi family involving mother and daughter are found selling oranges from Hayuliang in Anjaw district  like hot cake in the market of Lohit and Namsai.

 Mother and daughter selling oranges in a TATA Mobile at the Tri – Junction Digaru Check Gate said “ We sell it through our own vehicle at Tezu and its adjoining market after being harvested from Hayuliang . Rupees  100/- is the  cost for a polythene bags that contain  30 oranges and we earn approximately Rs 30,000 at a time, if we hire vehicle than selling of oranges do not give us good return”, says the lady.


 “Though small in size but have better taste than other normal oranges. Anjaw Oranges needs brand for better marketing and exposure”, suggests a tourist from Biswanath Charali of  Assam at Digaru Check Gate.

Good Mandarin species unlike Lohit and other foothills districts of Arunachal, Anajw Oranges urgently required organic registration for export quality, better market and avail adequate cost to the hard working farmer of the district.

The Horticulture Official sources disclose the uniform and small size of Anjaw Orange due to high altitude, low temperature and harvested late when other part of oranges in Arunachal is already reaped.

“We need inclusive research and survey to give Anjaw Orange a brand which is suitable for export quality. It’s sweeter than Lohit and other foothills oranges because of Total Soluble Solid (TSS) is more in comparison to other oranges.

Its pill is hard and thick and durable than the plain oranges. The Govt. should workout to give better exposure of Anjaw Orange”, says S Rehman Horticulture Development Officer Tezu.

The offseason Anjaw Oranges harvested in February whereas foothills oranges are already reaped and marketed in December to January, he adds.

Right from Tezu market up to the Dirak Check Gate in Namsai district the Anjaw Orange predominately available till March.


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