Arunachal: ABK’s 25th general conference concludes at Yingkiong

Resolution concludes with resolutions to work more for the interest of Adis

PASIGHAT ( By Maksam Tayeng )- The 2 day long 25th General Conference of Adi Baane Kebang (ABK) which was conducted on 25th and 26th of April 2022 at Yingkiong, Upper Siang district concluded with resolutions and determination to work more for the interest of  entire Adis. The program was also attended by local MLA cum Minister, Health & Family Welfare, Alo Libang along with all the MLAs of Adi communities, senior citizens, bureaucrats, technocrats, public leaders etc.


The two day conference was chaired by outgoing president of ABK, Getom Borang in which various bills, amendments and resolutions for the welfare of entire Adi tribes were passed and adopted. Out of the prominent resolutions and bills passed were, protection of rich flora & fauna of D. Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary, war against drugs menace in the Adi inhabited areas which is to be spearheaded by ABK itself, procedural changes/modification in selection/election of ABK office bearers, structural hierarchy of Adi Baane Kebang Youth Wing, Bogum Bokang Kebang and ABK Women Wing etc.

The 2 day conference of ABK concluded with a successful note wherein Tadum Libang was elected/selected as the new president of ABK (apex), while Okom Yosung was re-elected/selected as its Secretary General for 2 consecutive terms.

Oath of office was administered to the newly elected/selected President, Secretary General of the ABK(Apex) and the District Unit President and General Secretary by  Getom Borang, outgoing President of ABK.

Meanwhile, Tasang Taga, Divisional Forest Officer, D. Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, Pasighat has extended his thankfulness to the team ABK and its conference chairman for accepting and passing his proposal to intensify the support of ABK in letter & spirit by passing 2nd resolution in addition to resolution passed in the Kaying  conference of ABK some 10 years ago during 2012.

DFO. D. Ering WL Sanctuary’s 3 point proposals to ABK were:

1. Complete prohibition of illegal hunting, fishing and driftwood operation in and around the DEWS in letter and spirit for complete protection of the sanctuary’s rich flora & fauna which is a great asset of the Adis in particular and state and nation in general.

2. No ABK members and clan/society (opin-olang) members be allowed to support and back-up illegal hunter/poacher, fishermen and driftwood timber operators directly or indirectly in and around the sanctuary. Anyone found guilty involving in such acts from any society or clan heads/members, ABK office bearers or members (apex and sub-units) be taken serious action against them or he/she be suspended from their membership of ABK for acting against the ABK resolution of Kaying conference.

3. Any guns (SBBL/DBBL/.22/rifle/pistol etc) found to have been used or going to be used (carrying) for hunting/killing of wild animals and birds in and around the sanctuary will be permanently seized. Passing of resolution by ABK to let the Licenses of those guns be cancelled by submitting a resolution to DC Pasighat and other districts of the state so that no hunters will dare to hunt in the sanctuary anymore, nor any gun owners will lend/send their guns to hunters anylonger.

Taga reiterated that, unless and until such serious actions or resolutions are not taken by ABK in support of the management of the DEWS, the mere passing of resolution in papers will not serve the purpose.

“Many from ABK have been seen and observed in the past 4 years, that, neither anyone from ABK comes in support of the serious action taken against any habitual hunters or illegal timber operators, nor anyone of them have ever visited the sanctuary to motivate and encourage the field staffs of the sanctuary on ground zero.

But in contrary, many of the ABK members have been found to be playing tactics to downplay the real work and dedication of the field staffs and its PA manager” added Taga while expressing satisfaction over passing of intensified resolution over protection of the sanctuary which is one of the best and most beautiful asset of Adi communities besides of whole of the state and the nation.


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