Arunachal: AAPSU carried out rally demanding ouster of Capital DC

AAPSU carried out rally demanding ouster of Capital DC and eviction form ROW from Chandranagar-Papu Nallah stretch of NH-415.



Hundreds of students led by All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) today carried out protest march demanding ouster of Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner Prince Dhawan, enquiry into the compensation payment of four lane road between Itanagar-Naharlaugn and complete eviction of the encroachment under Right of Way (ROW) of four lane road in capital complex.

The rally started from Akashdeep shopping complex in Ganga Market to Tennis court complex at IG Park inspite of inclined weather. The members carrying leaflets, placards, banners and shouting slogans ‘we want good road in state capital’, ‘Prince Dhawan hai hai’, ‘we want ouster of DC who assassinate our development’,

Addressing the media AAPSU President Hawa Bagang said that we are not against any individuals.  He alleged  that ‘the development of capital complex is being assassinated by the present Deputy Commissioner Prince Dhawan and for which we have submitted a memorandum demanding immediate enquiry into the irregularities and mismanagement meted into the disbursement of the compensation made into the four lane road project from Chandranagar-Papunallah.

He allege that  compensation amounting to crore have been paid for agriculture, horticulture, forestry and others. Many structure have also not been evicted and dismantle even after the crores of fund have been disbursed.


While appreciating the state government for taking decision for eviction drive in the capital complex Bagang said it was actually not necessary as the state cabinet have already take up the decision much earlier for the same and appeal the government to take immediate action so that we can able to see a big, beautiful and good road in twin capital city which is the mirror of the state.

Bagang appeal the denizens of the capital city to come forward, support the issue for a good and durable road and understand the problem if the four lane road remain like as of present where there is no scope for parking and utility service and we will continue to face the same problems of traffic problem  now and then and even in future.

“Our patience is running out, we have already waited for a very long time but sadly there is invisible progress in this regards.

 “In 2006, GoAP floated a notification which cites that in Township areas, the highway needs to be kept 30/30 and 40/40 metre in others. As per the notice, any government-owned land (Forest, Agricultural, and Horticulture) or property along the National Highway is exempted from compensation scheme. In 2016-17, highway width for Capital township area was reduced to 12/12 mtr from government’s kept 30/30 mtr. Even from the 12/12 mtr scheme, we have found that 4 meters of usable space are not there.” He claimed.

Meanwhile, the student union also pressed that it wholeheartedly supports voices raised by other forums and union regarding TAH issue at various places of the state


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