Arunachal: 2 arrested in murder and theft case in Likabali

Likabali Police team expressed thanks to two civilian and Assam Police team Of Silapathar PS for active cooperation in apprehending the accused persons.


Likabali police arrested two youth in connection with the two cases, one is murder of a Widow and the other is stolen of a mobile phone from the room of a girl in girl’s hostel. police also recovered LED TV which was stolen from the widow house. Tumke Angu, Inspector and OC of Likabali Police Station informed Arunachal24 . 

A complaint was received from Govt. Higher Secondary School , Likabali, Girls’ Hostel that some unknown person had intruded and entered into-the room of one girl and fled away with her mobile phone. The unknown accused person was openly threatening the victim girl from her own mobile phone.

Accordingly, Likabali PS Case No. 24/19 u/s 457/380 IPC was registered and endorsed to L/ASI C. Gadi.

On 19/08/19 a dead body of an old widow was found inside her own house in mysterious condition, the house which was semi RCC structure was found to be locked from inside and It was reported that the old woman used to stay alone.

A case was registered against unknown accused person, vide Likabali PS Case No. 25/19 u/s 302 IPC and investigation was taken up by SI, T Kaye under the direct supervision of the SP Lower Siang, Surender Choudhary, and OC PS Likabali Inspector Tumke Angu.

During the course of investigation of the murder case Inquest/PME was conducted In the presence team of Doctors and Police. The FSL team from FTC Banderdewa arrived at the Crime scene and lifted all the available footprints and fingerprints of unknown accused persons.

With the help of footprints, CDR and voice recording of two cases i.e case No. 24/19 & 25/19, one of the accused was identified as One habitual offender namely Kenbom. The said person is vagabond and habitual offender.

The said person  Kenbom was arrested on 21/08/2019 by police team led by OC PS Likabali Inspector Tumke Angu, 1/0 SI T. Kaye and two civilian under direct monitoring of SP Lower Slang.

After arrest of Kenbom , the Co-accused in the murder case as well as theft case at Girls’ Hostel was revealed to be one Nilakanta of Assam.

In the Joint operation by Assam Police and Arunachal Police led by Inspector Tumke Angu, OC PS Likabali, SI T. Kaye, ASI T. Bomnyo, the accused person was arrested on wee hours of 23/08/19 under the close supervision of SP Lower Siang. The Panasonic LED T.V and Set up Box which was stolen from the house of deceased person of the murder case was recovered as shown by NilaKanto .

After interrogation both accused persons has confessed to the Commission of crimes. With this Likabali PS Case No. 24/19 & 25/19 stands solved. However, interrogation Is going on for recovery of other stolen properties and to find Out their Involvement in other cases.

Menawhile the Likabali Police team expressed thanks to two civilian and Assam Police team Of Silapathar PS for active cooperation in apprehending the accused persons.


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