Arunachal: 12th general conference cum election of Nyishi Elite Society (NES) held at Wessang

writers from of the Assam counterpart, not use the Dafla word in their writing. The word is derogatory and has been removed years ago constitutionally- NES president BengiaTolum. 



Around 3 thousand delegates from the entire 7 district of Nyishi tribe attended the 12th general conference cum election of the most adorned and premier organization of Nysihi tribe, Nyishi Elite Society (NES) at Wessang here on Monday.

Addressing the mammoth gathering, NES president BengiaTolum said that a society is always helpful for those who serve and works for the society. He said that recognition of those individual providing helping hand to the community may be delayed but always be remembered and cherished.

Tolum also taking the opportunity requested the entire Nyishi legislators to avoid jobs and contracts culture during the election. He said that due to such culture most of the students are not much interested in study and other opportunities

He also requested the education minister Taba Tedir to support the  NES’s initiative of School adoption program. “Charity begins at home and it the responsibility of legislators to support us”, he said while adding that we need much emphasize on education sector.

He was clarifying the misunderstanding created by the few Assam media on the ILP drive. Tolum said that the report telecasted in various news channels from the other hand was the half information provided. “We have been good brothers since many decades and people should not get misunderstood by the ILP checking organized by ANSU,” he added.

He also requested the writers from of the Assam counterpart, not use the Dafla word in their writing. The word is derogatory and has been removed years ago constitutionally.

Tolum said that the “Bopia” (Headgear) is a symboll of dignity for the entire Nyishi tribe and so  NES has come up with an idea that from this conference all the new president will have to wear it so as to preserve the culture and tradition of our tribe.

Addressing the people, Home Minister Bamang Felix also informed delegates and guest from Assam that the drive will continue as it is framed by state law for the protection of indigenous.  “90 % of crimes in the state are executed by the criminal from outside the state who has illegally entered,” he said while requesting ASS president for peace and tranquility in the border area.

“We may be divided by tradition, boundary and language but we are socially united as a good neighbor and a great citizen of India,” he added.

Calling for people’s participation in all round development, Felix said that we are failing in development aspects due to land compensation trend. He requested the NES to create more awareness among the people to avoid land compensation and demand for better road and other developments in the district.

He said that without the people’s participation for self employment the government is also helpless. “We should not wait for the government to provide all the government jobs, rather go for business and entrepreneurship” he said while informing that most of the world country is engaged in providing self employment.

Felix also said that most of the constable post has been left out not only in the Nyishi dominated district but in the entire districts of the state. Many post has been left out due to less qualified and not interested youths, he said.

In the meantime he also informed that the Chief Minister Pema Khandu has assured for a bridge which will connect Seppa town and New Seppa for the peoples comfort. He asked all the legislators from the constituency to include East Kameng Social Welfare and Culture Organization (EKSWCO) follow the matter and implement in a creative and effective way for public welfare.

Meanwhile, ASS President Dr. Parmananda Rajbongshi said assured that the misinformation regarding the ILP checking will be cleared. He also said that, if there is any kind of problem and misunderstanding among the neighbours, one can inform him so that the Sabha can sort out the problem.

“NES is the part of ASS which I openly declare for the welfare work of both the community of the state,” he further said.   Rajbongshi also assured to work for the indigenous rights and for the state and country as a whole. “We will maintain peace by love in heart not by armors in hands,” he added.

While praising the culture, tradition, language, foods and attire of the tribe, Rajbongshi also welcomed the NES for any suggestion relating to the preserving of the tradition & culture and to generate a common script.

He said that the language is the only weapon to protect any tribes, culture and tradition to which a local legislator has to play pivotal role to do so.

The first day was attended Techi Kasso, Biyuram Waghe, Tapuk Taku, Guruk Pardung, Mama Natung, Bamang Felix, Kumar Waii, Kameng Dolo, Taba Tedir, Tarin Dakpe, Lokam Tassar, Nabam Tuki, Balo Raja, JK Tako and others.

Earlier, late Nicham Sonam was awarded the NES Presidential award for his contribution for the growth of Art and Culture in the East Kameng district.

Later in the technical session, the NES executives had a discussion on resolution and administrative reports were disclosed.




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