After AIIMS, Hackers targetting ICMR website, 6000 hacking attempts in 24 hrs

The matter of hacking the servers of Delhi AIIMS was not resolved yet that cyber hackers have now started attacking the website of ICMR.

NEW DELHI- After AIIMS, cyber attackers have now started targeting the websites of Indian Council of Medical Research ICMR. According to media report, on November 30, cyber hackers tried to attack the website of ICMR i.e. Indian Council of Medical Research more than 6000 times in a span of 24 hours. .

These attacks on ICMR’s website were carried out from Hong Kong-based blacklisted IP address, Money Control reported. However, the cyber attackers were blocked and could not succeed in their nefarious designs.

The NIC officer said that we have alerted the team about this. If there were some flaws in the firewall (a security system to protect the firewall system from viruses), then hackers could succeed in breaking the security of the website.

Meanwhile, ICMR officials refused to comment on the matter. According to the official, NIC has asked government organizations to keep the firewall updated. He said, ‘The guidelines of NIC have to be followed regularly. Government organizations have been advised to update the security patch of the operating system. The official said that since 2020, cyber attacks on the website of the health organization have increased.

Significantly, the server of Delhi AIIMS was hacked in the past. The cyber breach in AIIMS was detected on Wednesday morning. It is feared that the data of about 3-4 crore patients may be affected due to the breach. The patient care services in the emergency unit, out-patients, admitted patients and laboratory section are being managed paper-wise due to the server down, sources said.


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