A Folk singer is showered with bucketful of notes in viral video

Members of the audience also showered her with money.

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  • Fans reacted in the comments section. “Aatla pisa nu su karo (What will you do with so much money),” one asked. “It’s called magic in your voice...malhar=dhanvarsha,” another wrote, making a reference to the raga associated with torrential rains. Many applauded her as well.

Viral Video- In a recent video that went insanely viral on social media, a fan can be seen showering a folk singer with buckets of currency notes. The entire stage was filled with currency notes, even the singer’s harmonium was covered in it! Unbothered and professional, she just swept the notes aside and went on with her performance.

Gujarati folk singer Urvashi Radadiya shared a video of herself performing at a function on the occasion of Tulsi Vivah, a Hindu festival which is a ceremonial marriage of Tulsi and Lord Vishnu. This year, it was celebrated on November 15.

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In the video, Urvashi sat on the stage, played the harmonium and sang, even as a man walked up to her from behind and emptied a drum full of currency notes on her. Members of the audience also showered her with money. At one point, there were too many currency notes on her harmonium, so she simply swept them aside and continued with her performance.

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Urvashi took to Instagram to share the video and thanked everyone for their ‘invaluable love’. She also added the hashtag ‘money rain’, among others. The geo-tag revealed that the location of the show was Ahmedabad.


Urvashi wanted to become a police officer when she was young, but could not pursue her dream because of the conditions of her family. She later decided to pursue her love for music and made a career out of it. Urvashi Radadiya is now one of the leading vocalists of Gujarat.

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Because of her unique and beautiful voice, and her boundless talent, she has been dubbed the “Koyal of Kathiawar” and the “Abida Parvin of Gujrat”. This name for Radadiya has been inspired by Abida Parvin, who is a renowned Pakistani Sufi singer.

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