Arunachal: Bogum Bokang Kebang office dedication and oath taking ceremony of district unit held

Pasighat- ( By Maksam Tayeng ) In a formal ceremonial function held in the office of Adi Baane Kebang here today, the Bogum Bokang Kebang, judiciary wing of ABK organized a office dedication programme including conducting a oath taking ceremony for new office bearers of BBK district units.

The BBK office chamber was inaugurated by its President, Tapun Tarang in the presence of ABK Secretary General, Okom Yosung, BBK Secretary, Oni Dai including many other office bearers of district unit of BBK from Upper Siang, Siang, Shi-Yomi, East Siang, Lower Dibang Valley, Namsai etc.

Attending the BBK office dedication cum swearing of oath by district unit office bearers of BBK, Okom Yosung reaffirmed that, the judiciary part of ABK, especially the traditional customary system of Adis are on the shoulder of the Bogum Bokang Kebang who will do the amendment of the Adi Kebang Ayon, take necessary initiatives toward judiciary matters of the Adis.

The central body of BBK with district unit will also conduct a Bogum Bokang Kebang awareness tour programme in all Adi inhabited areas to generate public awareness of Adi Kebang Ayon which will regulate and unite the Adis under one umbrella, informed Oni Dai, Secretary, BBK.

The team BBK under the stewardship of President, Tapun Tarang and Secretary, Oni Dai has resolved to work for the greater interest of the Adis by reforming and amending the Adi Kebang Ayon, as the Adis has been regulated and governed under the traditional Kebang system which is a natural and true set up democratic means of administration to the villages from time immemorial.

Meanwhile, a one minute silence was also observed in the meeting as a mark of honour condoling the un-time demise of Mrs. Sereng Pasing, Banggo President from Lower Dibang Valley. The programme concluded with a  vote of thanks remark from Edison Taloh, member of BBK with a commitment to word toward betterment of the Adis.


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