Arunachal: Health is True Wealth- Tumme Amo

The 2nd Bn of Arunachal Armed Police on way to Fitness & Health.

Aalo- Health is True Wealth, but it cannot come to us free. We must work hard for it said Tumme Amo, Commandant of  2nd Bn Arunachal Armed Police ( AAP ). Keeping this in mind he brings the 2nd Bn on way to Fitness & Health.

On finding that many police personnel are having bulging stomachs, Amo has decided that there will regular PT & working for one hour each in the morning before breakfast and games in the afternoon.


Also a BMI (Body Mass Index) register has been put up at  Ops Branch of 2nd AAPBn, BHQ, Aalo where all Officers and all other ranks will be measured there BMI every month for maintaining and monitoring physical fitness and health status and keep record on that register.

The BMI is a ratio of one’s weight in kg and height square in metres and it is a way to measure and ascertain whether one’s weight is in healthy proportion to height. This index tells whether a person is Underweight, Overweight, Obese or Healthy and being obese/ overweight and underweight may lead to many chronic health issues.

Therefore, a weighing machine is kept at Ops Branch where each personnel’s can check their weight on daily basis and every month the BMI of all staffs of 2nd Bn, BHQ will be checked and recorded. Those who are under weight and obese shall be advised to consult a Doctor and seek advice and overweight personnel’s should do extra physical exercises and maintain their diet.


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