Rare Bird Spotted in Arunachal Pradesh Added to India’s Bird List

ITANAGAR-   A rare bird, that was discovered from a forest in Arunachal Pradesh recently has been now added to the list of birds in India.

The three-banded rosefinch, a rare bird species, was found by a team of scientists from the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) in the high- altitude coniferous forests of Arunachal Pradesh.

This is a first confirmed report of the species from Arunachal Pradesh and is a new addition to the list of birds in India, research team leader Dr Girish Jathar said in a release on Thursday.

The BNHS team, which was exploring the forests, photographed the birds on February 8 and identified them as three-banded rosefinch after detailed observations, he said. Three-banded rosefinches are predominantly found in southern China and Bhutan.

Rare Bird Spotted in Arunachal Pradesh Added to India’s Bird List

As per the release, the team recently published its findings in the journal “Indian Birds” last month.

The research team led by Dr Jathar, the assistant director of BNHS, is conducting intensive surveys of finches across the eastern Himalayas.

During one of these surveys, researchers Atharva Singh and Himadri Shekar Mondal first photographed a male and a female bird of this species at Sela Pass, Arunachal Pradesh, at an altitude of 3,852 metre above sea level, the release states.

According to Singh, the lead author of the paper, three-banded rosefinch may be using the high-altitude temperate coniferous forest of Arunachal Pradesh as a passage while migrating from China to Bhutan.


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