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Railway Traffic on Lumding – Silchar Section Restored



Railway Traffic  over the Lumding-Silchar section restored from today with the movement of a goods train over the section. One goods train left Maigrendisa station at 13-25 hrs today. The goods train passed through the newly diverted portion in the Lumding – Badarpur hill section.

It may be mentioned here that train movement over that section had to be suspended due to lateral movement and uplift of railway track near Maigrendisa station at KM 92/2-5 after very heavy rain fall in that area on 16th and 17th of May, 2016. Repeated attempt to start train movement through that portion failed due to continued uplift and lateral movement of track in that area.

After due deliberation and consultation with geo-technical experts, it was decided to construct a 300 mts long diverted portion by-passing the areas which were showing lateral movements. The work for construction of the diverted portion was taken on hand from 17th June and completed on 6th July.

After that ballast cushion was laid and track linking was done. During the period about 4.0 lac cum of earth were cut down and one culvert was constructed. About 500 men worked round the clock with 17 nos. heavy earth cutting machines, 30 nos dumpers, 2 JCBs, one rock breaker despite frequent rainfall.  Geo-synthetic materials have been used in consultation with geo-technical experts to cover the locations indicating presence of argillaceous soil.

The section will be kept under close observation. Passenger train will start running over that section in due course after stabilization of the section.


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