Pul’s Second “Public Darbar”


Chief Minister Kalikho Pul, who returned to the State capital late on Saturday after a whirlwind tour to Kanubari and Pasighat that began on Thursday night, was deeply moved to see the huge number of people who were waiting outside his official residence to meet him, as part of the monthly second  ‘Public Darbar ’.


Considering that the people had come from far off places and were waiting for long, some of them since the morning, the Chief Minister went ahead and conducted the re-scheduled ‘Public Durbar’ from 3.30 pm onwards, without even a minute’s a rest after the tiring journey.

Despite the rain, people patiently waited in queue to meet the CM and share their grievances and over 400 people were able to get an audience. Representations and applications of the people were swiftly addressed by the CM, assisted by the entire CM Secretariat who were in attendance at the camp office that was created.



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