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Pul visited Old AP Secretariat building in Shillong



Arunachal Pradesh  Chief Minister Kalikho Pul today visited the old Aunachal Pradesh Secretariat building here in Shillong for inspection of the facilities being provided and for physical assessment of the building conditions. The secretariat building constructed in late 1960s, is partly occupied by the ITBP personnel and by the Arunachali students studying in Shillong.

 On inspection of the dilapidated building, the Chief Minister announced for complete renovation of the building to provide decent accommodation for the students. The building was in need of urgent repairs. All its electrical wiring had worn out and had outlived its life. Also the entire building had no drinking water facilities and the occupants had to purchase.

The student delegates from the Arunachal Students Union Shillong (ASUS) accompanied the CM, who informed that there were around 3000 students from Arunachal studying in various colleges and universities in Shillong.

Accordingly, the Chief Minister asked the deputy resident commissioner (DRC) to submit comprehensive proposal and to submit detail inventory report with status of the working conditions of all the facilities here within two weeks.

Upon completion of the renovation works, the secretariat building, which would also serve as “transit guesthouse”, would benefit students from poor family background who are not able to afford high cost of living in Shillong, said the CM.

During the inspection, the Chief Minister visited each rooms occupied by the students at the ground floor. He took note of the living conditions. Students had made temporary partitions using ply board to curve out rooms. Also he observed that students were using electrical appliances without proper wiring.

The Chief Minister also took round of the building inspecting the toilet conditions and the condition of the water tank. The building had no proper sewage facilities and all the human wastes were lying unattended near the open channel near the building. The Chief Minister assured to provide sweeper for regular cleaning and maintenance of the toilets and sewage.

       Pul visited Old AP Secretariat building in Shillong        Pul visited Old AP Secretariat building in Shillong

The Chief Minister also inspected the facilities in the ITBP occupied areas in the building. He visited the kitchen, office rooms, toilet and the canteen. He asked the ITBP officials to submit proposal for any infrastructure renovations and for additional facilities to improve the living condition. The CM specifically asked them to cover the roof of the kitchen with CGI sheets, which was in a temporary hut with plastic as roof cover.

The Chief Minister thanked the ITBP for its presence in the building that had prevented the building from deterioration and encroachment. He also appreciated them for taking care of the students with drinking water facilities and providing them rations and saleable products through their canteens.

Earlier, the CM inspected the site for construction of guest house to accommodate patients from Arunachal near the NEIGRIHMS campus. The land purchase has been completed and is in the process of transfer. Upon completion of construction of the guest house, it will accommodate patients coming to Shillong for medical treatment.

The Chief Minister also inspected the staff quarters of DRC office and its water, electricity, infrastructure and toilet facilities. Finding the facilities in dilapidated condition, the CM asked the officials to submit proposals for complete renovation and assured to provide funds for it.


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