Letter to the editor: An open letter regarding illegal appointment of 28 teachers in Longding

Letter to the editor :  An open letter regarding illegal appointment of 28 teachers in Longding district of Arunachal Pradesh.

Namaste ji, I am from Arunachal Pradesh. My name is Jyoti kumar and my relatives are victims, so I write this letter on behalf of all victims🙏 Complaint Letter  

Dear leaders:

On May 22, 2023, the county of longding has been introduced to a particularly large scandal, which is the illegal appointment of 28 non-teacher qualified personnel in longding , Everyone knows the 28 criminals have the wife of Pankhu Wangso, the President of the longding BJP’s party. Dear education minister of AP has also publicly expressed its focus on investigating the identity of pankhu wangso’s wife and giving us a survey as soon as possible, but why there is no government investigation and announcement yet.

I guess, because pankhu is a political figure who can do whatever he wants to do? The incident has been two months, and the county officials did not release any reports of the criminal people . Until now they have been unfairly dealing with this cases, and the so-called investigation team only arrested the unclosed personnel, so when will the 28 offenders be arrested in accordance with the law? Please give us an answer, plz ji.

We have always been convinced by the education of longding county and the ministry of education in India, and we have always believed that education is the best gift for every child, but longding ministry makes these people who have no qualifications to be teachers, we can’t believe and tolerate it.

We need the government to give us a truth right now, We don’t accept lies. Try to play down the scandal and cover up such a political scandal. We can’t accept it! We will also focus on this terrible matter! Asking the authorities to arrest these offender. This is about the education environment in longding county and other places, really hope the relevant departments to investigate and arrest them, give our children a good future. Please, really see our prayers.

( No changes have been made in this letter. It is being published exactly as the author has written ) 


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