Itanagar- Tilted electric poles, dangling wires pose danger

Itanagar-   A number of tilted electric poles with dangling wires in in Daria Hill Colony near 0 point Tinali from the last several weeks, posing risk of accident anytime.

Besides, the live electric wires hanging from the tilted poles may snap anytime and fall on pedestrians, which can cause a fatal disaster.

Local people alleged that despite repeated appeals to the authorities concerned no step has been taken to replace risky electric poles which may uproot in a short time.

According to Daria hill Colony welfare committee Chairman Tassar Rana, locals  inform inform the authority of power department for shifting of electric poles from the present place as it is in tilting position and may fell down at any point of time and accident may takes place.

Meanwhile, when contacted, Capital Electrical Division Executive Engineer, Joram Lali inform that there has been earth cutting near Hotel Waii International and due to which the electric poles located at two places need shifting.

The department is also aware of the tilting of the those polices in the colony for quite some time and need shifting to a safer place and for which a safer place has to be identified. The materials for the purpose are also needed which may be provided by them by the landowner as per information. He said.

I have instructed my officer to immediately verify and take necessary action as soon as possible. Executive Engineer added.


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