Itanagar: Arunachal Cycling Association conducts selection trials for National MTB competition

ITANAGAR-  Arunachal Cycling Association (ACA) on Friday conducted selection-trial for the 18th National Mountain Terrain Biking MTB cycling competition scheduled to be held from October 29 to October 31.

“We are going to select the best of these participants to Arunachal Pradesh  at the national event. A few of them are at a basic level but most of them have already participated in national events in Kerala, Maharashtra and Ladakh,” said Tali Yorme, President of ACA conducting the trials.

He further informed that the selections witnessed less participation in the wake of communication problems and around 25 cyclists participated collectively for the junior, sub-junior and senior level competition.

” Our selection association has been operating for a few years now but we were officially registered in 2019. Though we are getting moral support from the government, there is no financial support. For now, our committee is bearing all the costs as we consist of like-minded people,” he stated.

“Many people are showing interest in cycling nowadays as they have also got conscious towards their health. We will also ask the state sports authority to reward the winners of this competition to encourage cycling as a sport” he added ( ANI report )

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