Hope Arunachal Organised Road Safety Awareness Programme at Likabali

 Volunteers advocated making sure that car users belted up at all times, even if they’re in the rear seat.

LIKABALI :  HOPE ARUNACHAL, an NGO in coordination with the Lower siang  district administration & police department launched a physical road safety awareness  programme along with MV checking on three locations of Likabali, Lower Siang here on Saturday.

While Marto Riram, ASI, Traffic in charge and his team initiated the MV checking, volunteers of HOPE ARUNACHAL headed by its director Dr. Rima Taipodia distributed informative pamphlets along with road advocacy for creating awareness among road users. Such awareness campaign was done at entry gate from Assam, exit gate to Lepa Rada and at the heart of the town i.e. in front of Police station Likabali. Such joint conduct was done under the project called “ Road advocacy programme month w.e.f. 17th January to 18th February 2021 sponsored by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, GOI. Such joint campaigns were much appreciated by the road users.


 Volunteers advocated making sure that car users belted up at all times, even if they’re in the rear seat. This will not only save them from fines but will even keep them protected. Mr. Karjum taipodia, one of the volunteers of HOPE ARUNACHAL advocated that distracted driving is among the major causes of accidents. Hence, one should avoid taking phone calls while driving. Basically, a driver should stay fully focused on road at all times. He also gave awareness on Road Safety Rules for Kids / Children also.

Hope Arunachal Organised Road Safety Awareness Programme at Likabali

 Marto Riram, ASI, Traffic in charge strictly adviced riders Never ever drive under the influence of alcohol or any sort of intoxicating substance. Doing so can lead one to lose control while driving and end up in a mishap. It’s also illegal to drive drunk or in an intoxicated state. He further alerted road users  always respecting the speed limits as driving at higher speeds can land one with a challan and worst, still, cause an accident.

Dr. Taipodia himself even checked the vehicle conditioned and requested car users that one should always maintain his car to ensure high road safety as driving an ill-maintained vehicle can cause an accident, thereby causing injury to them as well as other road users.

Mr. yadav, a police major, advised people that while wearing a helmet for a long period can be uncomfortable for some, it keeps you protected not only from collisions at the time of a fall but even from wind blasts when riding at high speeds.

However, Dr. Rima Taipodia, Director-HOPE ARUNACHAL informed that since likabali is situated in borders of assam & Arunachal, the traffic conduct of such place is an herculean tasks. Hence, since most vulnerable, the need of such Road advocacy awareness campaign is most felt in these places. However, it was the hard & dedicated duty of  shri Marto Riram, ASI, Traffic in charge that he could collect & deposit defaulter’s cash amounting to Rs. 28,700 few days back.

when asked, Dr. Taipodia replied that HOPE ARUNACHAL is destined to hit streets to create safer roads, educate citizens not to honk. While defaulters were imposed penalties, HOPE ARUNACHAL rewarded few drivers and law abiders who strictly followed the road safety & traffic rules to encourage their behavior as good samaratian.


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