Chowna Mein visits National School of Drama in New Delhi

NEW DELHI-  Fascinated with the performance and talents of Arunachali youths with their theatre play ‘Arunachal Ek Safarnama’ directed by Riken Ngomle, Assistant Professor in National School of Drama in New Delhi that was presented during the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Arunachal Pradesh, State Govt is planning to develop a Theatre Hall with a view to provide a platform to the young talented artists in the performing arts.

In order to get a first-hand knowledge of the Theatre Hall, Deputy Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Chowna Mein visited the National School of Drama in New Delhi today.

During his visit to the National School of Drama, he said that there is so much talents in our youths today and we need to create and give them proper platform to nurture those talents. He said, “the theatre play ‘Arunachal – Ek Safarnama’ recently enacted in the Golden Jubilee celebrations by our youth is a testimony of their talent and creativity. Theatre Hall, if developed will give a platform to bring such artists together and for training of our theatre actors, artists and other support technical talent”.

He also opined that through theatre and drama production in refine and improvised way, we can also preserve and promote our rich folk songs and folklores.

DCM visited several sections of the school, viz., Theatre Hall, Sound & Technical Studio, Costume, Make-up and Property room, etc of the National School of Drama.

During his visit, he was accompanied by Santanu Bose, Associate Professor & Head of Repatriation Company, Deepak Kumar, Head of Photography & Videography and Riken Ngomle, Asst Professor, Theatre & Acting.



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