Bank Strike: Services hit in Arunachal Pradesh

ITANAGAR-   Banking operations in all the bank branches in Arunachal Pradesh remained paralysed on Monday on the first day of the two-day nationwide strike by unions to protest the privatisation of public sector lenders.

The All India Bank Officers Confederation, Arunachal Unit state secretary and Regional Secretary, State Bank of India officers association, (NE Circle), Itanagar Region Bengia Tabb inform the press that the union Finance Minister Nirmala Silaraman while presenting country’s annual budget for 2021-22 has announced privatization of two public sector banks (PSB) and insurance company during the current financial year is not fare.

Since when NDA Govt came to power in 2014, there were 27 PSBs in the country Today we have only 12 public sector Banks in the country. 5 Associate Banks and Bharatiya Mahila Bank were amalgamated with SBI and 10 Banks were later merged with 4 banks.

 Now, IDBI is listed as private bank which is also under strategic disinvestment program by the Central govt. he said. what the central. Government led by NDA is trying to do is not at all in the interest of the lakhs of employees serving in these banks and we cant trust anymore and if time come we may continue with the democratic movement with rest of the bankers union. Tabb said.

The united forum of Bank Unions (UFBU), the convener of various bank unions/associations has called for 2 days nationwide Bank Strike on 15”’ and 16th March, 2021 protesting against the Govt’s move for privatization of public sector Banks.

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