Arunachal:  Victim’s Boyfriend was among the 4 accused of Gang rape – Kumar Waii

The victim was in a relationship with a boy who allegedly called her and along with his three friends who were with him, gang raped her- Kumar Waii, Home Minister,  Arunachal Pradesh



For the last few months, there has been an increase in reports of rape and gang rapes in different parts of state. Yet another incidence of gang rape allegedly has occurred in Yingkiong township, the district headquarter of Upper Siang last Sunday.

This is the second rape incident in this town which has caused people to feel unsafe and insecure about their children not only in the district but in the state capital as well as a majority of the victims of such incidents were minor and students.

While addressing the media, Home Minister Kumar Waii informed that that a gang rape incident has been reported from Yingkiong district headquarter of Upper Siang district near under construction Gandhi bridge last Sunday, the victim being a student of Class-X (Private) and a Tea Garden worker.

Waii  said that the victim was in a relationship with a boy who allegedly called her and along with his three friends who were with him, gang raped her.

Two of them have been arrested and are under judicial custody while a police team has been sent to  Jenging to nab the other two accused.

Waii said that it is really unfortunate and we all need to cooperate to fight against such crime from the society.

These incidents  happen due to a few people with a different mentality who  indulge in such activities, Waii added.

When asked as to why the action of the police in this case was delayed, Waii said that the victims or any person having information of such incident has to inform to the police first so that the police could act swiftly, he said that in this case the incident occurred on Sunday but information reached to the police on Monday. He assured that action will be taken as per prevailing law and we are firm on it.

When asked as why public took matters into their own hand before the police could do anything, Waii said that the public should understand the nature of crime and that there are prevailing law of the land to deal with such crimes and that his government has also passed strong laws to deal with such crime which will soon come into force after a few formalities. However, he said that parading of the accused naked is not good and will not appreciated by anyone and is unjustified.

DIG (Central) John Neihalaia when contacted said that this time the situation is not like before. The  victim as well as the accused are from the same area and this time we didn’t expect such unprecedented law and order problem  like that in the case of Tezu and Yingkiong earlier. The accused are in judicial custody at Yingkiong

When asked how the video got viral if police have arrested the accused then John said that that the people have paraded two of the accused naked and they might come to town and handed the accused over to the police, with the video and photographs probably having gone viral in social media in that interval of time.

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