Arunachal : Tutsa Community celebrates Pongtu festival

With the thrilling sounds of drums and colourful traditional dances, the Tutsa community celebrated Pongtu, the festival of agriculture,  in Changlang district on Tuesday. 
The Parliamentary Secretary Hydro Power Phosum Khimhun addressing the crowd on the occasion appreciated the community for preserving and promoting culture. He also asked to carry the culture and traditions of the tribe.

Festival should not discriminate people from other communities, tribes and people residing at the district from other state. It should bring brotherhood and communal harmony and let other too to know about us, he added.

MLA from Miao Kamlung Mossang,  said that there are numerous numbers of festivals in our state and all those are meant for the healthy growth of agriculture and human prosperity. So just celebrating the festival, eating and drinking does not make it complete, rather it should be informative to the younger generation. The tradition and culture should be imparted to the younger’s, he added.

The daylong celebration showcased various colorful cultural dances, songs and sports from all the walks of life. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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