Arunachal: Snow at Sela kills a man




A male person on Saturday was found dead under his traveller bus due to choking and suffocation in Sela where heave snow fall is continue since last few days. Reason behind his dead may be of extreme cold and minimal oxygen.

As per information, the vehicle got stranded due to heavy snowfall at Sela. His dead body is still kept in mortuary at CHC Jang.

On Sunday there is huge flow of vehicles and most of vehicles are stopped at Jang. Vehicles are halt and filled up right Jang market to KSK Petrol Pump.

Arunachal: Snow at Sela kills a man

Snow at Sela is in danger level. Both sides of the road there is heavy stranded snow which is causing traffic jam. If vehicle got struck within the area than it is utmost difficult to clear out.

It must be mention here that heavy snowfall since 13th March  near Sela Pass has affected many in the region. Due to the heavy and unexpected snowfall in Tawang, as many as 680 people and 320 vehicles have been stuck last week.


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