Arunachal: Search operation resume for missing Mountaineer Tapi Mra, Niku Dao

Search and rescue team has been moved from Seppa towards Mt. Kyarisatam today.

SEPPA:  A team of nine mountaineers and 25 porters from Arunachal Pradesh today once again resume the search operation for Tapi Mra, the first Everester from Arunachal Pradesh, and his associate Niku Dao, who had gone missing missing on August 17 last year, during an expedition to explore Mount Kyarisatam.

Mount Khyarisattam is considered sacred by the people of the district. After missing of Tapi Mra and Niku dao, a search and rescue operation had launched for several week, and at last had been called off by the state government on, 21 Sep, 2022. Now again , the search operation is resumed.


Search and rescue team has been moved from Seppa towards Mt. Kyarisatam today.  The team is fully equipped with essential mountaineering gear, including an ISAT Phone, provided by the Directorate of Disaster Management and DMO Kurung Kumey, as well as metal detectors and other necessary components.

Their aim is to reach the base camp of Mount Kyarisatam by August 12. Subsequently, the team will wait until August 18 due to predicted rainfall, as per IMD weather forecasts.

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A two member committee of Tagin Cultural Society (TCS) which include its secretary general Tuter Dulom and secretary HRD Dosh Dasi is currently camping in Seppa to oversee and coordinate the search operation.

Tapi Mra, who belongs to the state’s Tagin tribe, is the first person from Arunachal Pradesh to climb Mount Everest. He had scaled the Everest in 2009.

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The mountaineer had climbed the Imja Tse, commonly known as Island Peak in Nepal in 2007. He had also made successful expeditions to Mera Peak in Nepal, Uhuru Peak in Tanzania, and Mount Kosciuszko in Australia.


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