Arunachal: Research, Expedition team of Mishing students visit Kekar Monying in Babuk village

PANGIN- A research and expedition team of Mishing students from Dibrugarh University has today visited historic  Kekar Monying in Babuk village under Siang District.


The research and expedition team which was led by Tusar Ngate, president, Adi Mishing Porina Kebang (AMPK) is being sponsored by Mishing Autonomous Council.

While welcoming the visiting team, Babuk Baane Kebang (BBK) senior member Tameng Noram highlighted the historical  importance of Kekar Monying and lauded them for visiting the place physically.

AMPK president Tusar Ngate informed that the the team has earlier visited Kepangla Pass (Polo Yorbe) near Mac Mohan line to ascertain the migration route of Mishing community. He added that the visit of Kekar Monying would immensely help the visiting students to do more in-depth research in future.

Dr.Pabitra Kumar Pegu, one of the research experts of Assam stressed for more cultural exchange between Adi and Mishing Communities. He said more research need to be done on Anglo-Abor wars and other historical aspects.

Tinpak Padung, senior member of Kebang Village highlighted the Anglo Abor Wars that took place in Siang Valley.

BBK senior member Take Darang also spoke.

The program was supported by Adi Mishing Baane Kebang and Paator Guumin Heritage Preservation and Research Foundation.


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