Arunachal Pradesh celebrating Statehood Day- Read Brief History


Arunachal Pradesh is celebrating it’s “Statehood Day”  on 20th February,  on this  day Arunachal Pradesh was granted statehood in 1987. The team Arunachal24  wishing you all a HAPPY STATEHOOD DAY .


A brief about history of Arunachal Pradesh

The North East Frontier Agency (NEFA) was created in 1954. In 1972, it became the Union Territory of Arunachal Pradesh. Its administrative headquarters was Shillong (until 1974, when it was transferred to Itanagar). Arunachal received statehood in 1987.

The administration of Arunachal Pradesh was directly under the Governor of the provincial government of Assam. Once the Constitution of India came into force, the Government of Assam was relieved of its responsibilities of the Northeast Frontier Tracts (which later was known as NEFA) and the powers were vested in the Governor of Assam, a constitutional post and an agent of the President of India. The Northeast Areas (Reorganisation) Act, 1971 provided a new name and new political status to NEFA. NEFA was re-named as Arunachal Pradesh and subsequently in 1972 Arunachal Pradesh became the Union Territory of the Republic of India. The Union Territory was then was placed under the control of a chief commissioner. The year 1975 was a watershed year for Arunachal Pradesh because the Pradesh Council was converted into a Provisional Legislative Assembly and a council of ministers was appointed for Arunachal Pradesh. Consequently, the passing of the Constitution 55th Amendment Act, Arunachal Pradesh finally attained the full political status on 20 February, 1987.

A small brief on constitutional growth of Arunachal Pradesh -from a frontier agency to full state, complied by Dani Salu from old records of NEFA and UT days of Arunachal Pradesh.

  1. NEFA Panchayat Raj Regulation 1967 Act was passed in 1967.
  2. First Pancyat election was held during September 1969.
  3. The Agency Council – The Apex Body which was like State Assembly was inaugurated on 3rd December 1969.
  4. NEFA was declared as Union Territory on 20th January 1972 at Ziro by Late Indira Gandhi and It was renamed as Arunachal Pradesh.
  5. With NEFA becoming Arunachal Pradesh, Agency Council was renamed as Pradesh Council.
  6. The Itanagar was declared as Capital of AP on 28th February 1972 at Shillong by Smt Indra Gandhi.
  7. The new Pradesh Council was constituted on 1st August 1972.
  8. Itanagar was inaugurated as Capital of Arunachal Pradesh by Late V. V . Giri on 20.04.1974.
  9. The Pradesh Council became Provisional Legislative Assembly on 15th August 1975. With this, Chief Councillor became Chief Minister, Councillor became Ministers and Pradesh Council members became Members of Provisional Legislative Assembly.
  10. The first Assembly election was held during 1978.
  11. The Statehood was granted on 20th February 1987.


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