Arunachal: PPA Welcome CBI investigation into APPSC QP leak case

PPA strongly demands the CBI to look into all claims made by the aspirants and investigate all facts of the matter.

ITANAGAR- The People’s Party of Arunachal (PPA) while welcoming the CBI investigation into the question paper Leak case of APPSC, at the same time strongly stress for broadening the scope of investigation, so that the other exams, conducted by the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) in the recent times could also be investigated for any wrongdoings, stated Kaling Jerang, Gen Secretary, PPA.

He further stated that “The Party, is of the strong belief, that after the numerous arrests made by the SIC which included Dy. Controller of Exam Taket Jerang & Tama Saroh (Broker) and the subsequent suspension of officials from the establishment branch of the APPSC, there is every possibility of previous exams conducted by the commission being severely compromised and also direct involvement of people in the higher echelons of the bureaucracy and the government”


We would like to remind the people of the state that when Gyamar Padang, the whistle blower in this instant case, brought the matter of paper leakage before the commission and the Police authorities on 28th August 2022, he was initially snubbed and his complaints were dismissed despite the evidences presented by him. Complaint was registered later on only after backlash and pressure from the public, said Kaling.

Kaling stated that ” The commission is not new to such controversies. Not so long ago, there was similar instance of paper leakage in the then Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Combined Competitive Examination (APPSCCE-2014) but after a hushed-up investigation followed by a magisterial enquiry, the matter was closed as public outrage subsided. Facts of this case were never made public and the officials who were suspended then, were reinstated in their respective positions.

Further Kaling said that ” Our Party PPA cautions the State Government and the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) to thread seriously on the matter. The party demands free and fair investigation and justice for the aspirants. All demands made by the aspirants including simultaneous ED & Judicial Investigations, endorsement of conducting further exams to UPSC till completion of the current investigation etc. should be fulfilled without any delays.

Further, the manner in which this issue has been handled by the State Government from the very beginning till the present day only points to a much larger conspiracy whereby direct involvement of persons sitting in the highest offices of the state cannot be ruled out.

The PPA strongly demands the CBI to look into all claims made by the aspirants and investigate all facts of the matter.


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