Arunachal: Pige Ligu launches NADCP in Papum Pare district

Banderdewa-  The Papum Pare Deputy commissioner Pige Ligu Thursday launched National Animal Disease Control Programme (NADCP) in Green Gold farm at Tarajuli in Banderdewa circle in presence of several officers of Animal Husbandry, Veterinary and Dairy development.


Attending the function as Chief guest DC Pige Ligu said that “we should try to put our effort and knowledge in making productivity in all sector of sustainable and economic development of family, community, district and state.

We have got a lesson during the pandemic and during the nationwide lockdown and everybody has to suffer a lot. we have to prepare ourselves keeping in view such pandemic.

There has been a huge requirement of food grain including milk, meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and other items and all are being brought from outside for our local consumption in capital complex and other parts of state and such situation has taught a good lession to us to become self sustainable so that we all the time need not to depend on other for all the products and we can also do something and let us make a humble beginning which would go a longway in making self sufficiency and economic sustainability for better development and progress of family, community and society. Ligu said.

DC inform that as per record and information we find that there was an income of around 20 crore by selling only fish by various fish farmers in Papum Pare and capital complex and in same way we can do more if we want for improve the income of farmers we can start in any discipline like rearing of domestic animals, poultry, fishery, duckery, piggery, cattle rearing, agri-allied sector and others so that we can learn to earn and serve the society as well. DC said.

It is a matter of concern that most of the veterinary firm and other land of the department has been encroached upon and there is a need to remain alert and protect our infrastructure and preserve it for long run so that the space is properly used for demonstration and training p0urpose and other use of the department. He added.

He said that economy can only boost up if the farmers are supported and given with proper knowledge and they give more focus in agriculture and allied production activities.

DAH&VO Dr. Dagge Riba inform that the milk requirement in capital complex is around 40000 while all locals and government production is around 2000 let’s and appeal all section of society to invest and work for improve the milk production under CM white revolution programme.

Deputy Director (AH & Vety) Dr. Danjan Longri, Senior Veterinary Officer (HQ) Yupia Dr. S Yomdo,  SVO Itanagar Dr. Nido Tayo, SVO Banderdewa Dr. Mui Tama, SVO Kakoi Dr. Nabam Arun, SVO Doimukh Dr. Taw Tagu, SVO Sagalee Dr. T R Nabam, SVO Dr. Jayanto Permealso address the gathering and discussed various way and means to keep the domestic animals properly with use of technology and various ways of treatment to get better health of animals and incres the economy.

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Progressive farmer and Green Gold Proprietor Likha Maj in his address said that rearing of animals is very hard but to carry forwards also provide lots of benefit like meat, flesh, skin used for several purpose, milk from cow and others. It does not give food meat, eggs but provide employment and upgrade the economic condition of the farmers and their family members.

He urge upon the district administration send several others staffs to several such farms and let them get proper training to serve many farmers. Maj added.

The team earlier visited several livestock farm including cattle farm and others and launched the ear tagging programme and statewide  vaccination programme.

Several field staffs and students also attended the live programme as a exposure and training to upgrade and enhance the skill and knowledge.


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