Arunachal: Pema Yangchen of Bomdila earns internship in UN’S FAO

Miss Pema Yangchen Gyamu of Bomdila, earns internship in United Nation’s Food Agricultural Organisation ( UN’s FAO) makes state proud.


By Rinchin khandu

Miss Pema Yangchen Gyamu from Bomdila has made the state proud by earning an internship in the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation(FAO) with its headquarters in Rome, Italy.

A daughter of the beautiful valley of Mon-Pangchen in Zemithang, Pema had a keen interest in Arunachal Pradesh centric Regional Revitalisation and Rural empowerment.

Having completed her MBA in Human Resource & Marketing, and after quitting multiple jobs in various government and private institutions, she landed up in a year long fellowship program conducted by The Awaji Youth Federation in the mythological Japanese island of Awaji.

Pema Yangchen Gyamu was the only candidate selected from the north-east states of India and one amongst the three Indians who qualified for the program.

“Its during this fellowship program in the Japanese islands that I found the true meaning of my life. The real life problems such as poverty, unemployment, population explosion, food security etc are something we are all aware of, however only a few try to acknowledge and address them. I was glad that I had the opportunity to contribute my bit to our global family and learning a lot while doing so.”-Pema Yangchen Gyamu recalls.

After the completion of her fellowship program In japan, she has earned herself an internship in United Nation’s Food And Agricultural organisation(FAO),for which she will be flying to its headquarters in Rome, Italy. There she will focus on projects related to gender-linked opportunities and challenges in promoting sustainable urban and pre urban agriculture. And also in identifying sustainable agriculture and natural resource management inputs within the framework of the FAO rural food systems strategy.

Arunachal: Pema Yangchen of Bomdila earns internship in UN'S FAO

When enquired about the current socio-economic challenges in our state, Pema Yangchen Gyamu replied-“Arunachal Pradesh has the potential unknown to many. We can reap the maximum benefit only when we are able to make the full use of all the resources at our disposal. This can only happen when we widen our perspective and acquire necessary know-how to smoothen the forward and backward linkages.

I would also like to encourage the youth  of our state to participate in programs organised by the international organisations.

Though competitive, but with the right effort and enthusiasm you are sure to make it through. And ones that happens, you will start believing that there are people who are dedicating their lives in making someone else’s better. And getting paid while acquiring knowledge and sharpening your skills is the cheery on the top!”

She also thanked “HOPE”- A Bomdila based NGO for guiding and supporting her throughout her endeavours.


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