Arunachal: Pema Khandu inaugurates Donyi Polo Khumko Naam at Kuporijo in Upper Subansiri

Speaking on the occasion Khandu urged all to maintain the deep connect with their respective indigenous culture.

KUPORIJO- Chief Minister Pema Khandu today inaugurated the Donyi Polo Khumko Naam here at Kuporijo in Upper Subansiri district in presence of Minister Tourism Nakap Nalo, MLAs of the district Rode Bui, Nyato Dukam and Tanya Soki, members of Tagin Welfare Society, Nyishi Elite Society and Galo Welfare Society and believers of Donyi Polo.


Speaking on the occasion Khandu urged all to maintain the deep connect with their respective indigenous culture.

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He said that while development is an integral part of life, it is important that the indigenous people of the state never forget their roots and cherish their rich culture and tradition.

Khandu also stressed that indigenous languages should be popularly spoken in the society so that every young child learns it naturally.

“Our language and culture gives us our identity,” he said.

Khandu further acknowledged the significance of the ‘nyibus’ (shaman) in preserving the culture and traditions of the Tani tribes and expressed gratitude to them on behalf of the people of the state.

He appealed all to always place the nyibus on the highest pedestal as all cultural traditions as well as festivals revolve around them. “Without them none of our indigenous rituals will be complete,” he said.

Khandu reiterated his advice to dedicate a place of worship in their homes to foster a spiritual connection with the Supreme Power and gave the example of Monpa tribe to which belongs. He said that rich or poor every Monpa family has a place of worship in their homes. A sense of peace and righteousness prevails, he said.

“Government is doing all it can to preserve our indigenous culture and traditions but all depends on the indigenous communities and their determination to preserve theirs,” Khandu said.

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Khandu also appealed people not to make comparisons between different religions and faiths but treat every religion with respect.

“We are what we are and we should be proud of what we are,” he added.

Khandu. Meanwhile, witnessed elaborate rituals performed by the Nyibu to invoke blessings from Donyi Polo for the well-being, good health and long life of all.


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