Arunachal: Patients of Bakin Pertin General Hospital, Pasighat faces hardships due to power cut

PASIGHAT (By Maksam Tayeng)-  The patients admitted in the state’s oldest healthcare centre, Bakin Pertin General Hospital, Pasighat have raised huge concern over the repeated power cuts in the hospital despite the hospital being the special zone of regular power supply.

As per the statement of a patient attendant who spoke to this scribe at around 6.10 PM this evening, the power supply of the BPGH was cut from around 3 PM afternoon but supply was not restored till dark hour this evening. The informer also sadly questioned, why is the power supply in the Pay Cabins not cut, whereas power supplies are cut for too long in the general wards?

Meanwhile, when the Medical Superintendent was asked about the long hour power cuts, Dr. YR Darang said that such short power cuts are usual as the power supply is mostly dependent on the electrical department. On being asked the question of patients, ‘why power supplies are regular in Pay Cabins whereas supplies are cut in the general wards despite being within the same hospital?’, she said DG set is there only for emergencies. The DG sets are kept safe for emergency purposes only as operation of the set consumes huge fuels, the MS added.

However, the patients and their attendants in the BPGH Pasighat have appealed to the medical authorities and the power department to look into shorting out such frequent power cuts in places of public importances and uses like hospitals.

The district administration as well as local leaders also need to look at this concern of the general public, as most of the common public can’t afford to book seats at Pay Cabins where one has to pay to get admitted.



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