Arunachal: Pasighat Municipal Council with renewed zeal stride ahead to keep Pasighat plastic free

PASIGHAT ( By-Maksam Tayeng )- With the theme ‘Waste to Wealth’ the Pasighat Municipal Council (PMC) in a renewed zeal stride hard ahead with dedication by initiating new ways to remove plastic from impacting the environment by showing people how to reuse the waste plastic items for economical gain by making several decorative items out of waste plastics.


Seeing the dedication and new initiative of the PMC, the East Siang District Administration awarded the best exhibition stall to the team PMC during the statehood day celebration here in Pasighat on 20th February. The second best exhibition stall was awarded to the District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) team for their best works.

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Earlier during the Republic Day celebration also, the PMC secured first in presentation and exhibition for their renewed and dedicated initiative to make Pasighat plastic free and showing the general public how to reuse the waste plastic items for making several attractive items.

Speaking on the sideline of the achievement of PMC, Okiam Moyong Borang, Chief Councillor of Pasighat Municipal Council said that several new initiatives are being undertaken after the joining of new Municipal Executive Officer, Mrs Onam Lego who have revived the PMC with her zeal and motivation to team PMC.

Seconding the statement of Chief Councillor, Pasighat East MLA, Kaling Moyong and East Siang District, Dy. Commissioner, Tayi Taggu also praised the initiative of PMC under MEO Onam Lego. “We were also presented with beautiful dustbins made of waste plastic items for use in the house. Their dedicated initiatives will surely keep Pasighat cleaned from waste plastics”, added MLA Moyong and DC Taggu.

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Meanwhile, talking to this scribe, Mrs  Onam Lego, Municipal Executive Officer, PMC informed that many more new initiatives are under the pipeline. “We saw plastic waste products thrown around the various places of Pasighat Township which not only harms our environment, but it also kills the animals besides clogging the drainages of the township”, said Lego.

We have made several decorative and attractive items like flowers, birds, trees, dustbins, dolls etc out of waste plastic products and many people are buying our items. The decorative items are being made by our own dedicated PMC staffs and are gradually starting to earn out of their work thereby proving our theme ‘waste to wealth’, added Lego.

Now PMC staffs are also teaching interested persons how to make flowers and other attractive items out of waste plastics. While showing a beautiful presentation of a mother Hornbill with the chicks inside the nest/hole of a tree made of plastic wastes, Lego said that they are trying to send out messages to people to save and love our state bird the Hornbill, as killing of male hornbill that feeds the mother hornbill and their chicks inside the sealed nest on tree trunk will kill the mother and chick hornbill.

Arunachal: Pasighat Municipal Council with renewed zeal stride ahead to keep Pasighat plastic free

An essay completion was also organized for the student communities during the statehood exhibition day by the PMC team on the topic- ‘use of plastic and its merits and demerits’ in which students from various schools like UPS Paglek, Town Middle school, KP Vivekananda, Donyi Polo Vidyaniketan, Sri Shri Vidya Mandir, IGJGHSS, DEMGHSS, GSS GTC, Sanggo English school participated. Ms Sadha Prasad from Donyi Polo Vidya Niketan, Master Mijing Jerang from Sri Sri Vidya Mandir and Master Tomang Lego from GSS GTC won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize respectively.

Meanwhile, PMC Municipal Executive Officer, Mrs Onam Lego and Chief Councillor, Okiam Moyong Borang have appealed to the general public of Pasighat municipality to come forward in supporting the PMC in making and keeping Pasighat beautiful, clean and plastic free.


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