Arunachal: Parents-Teachers Meet held at DK Govt Hr Secondary School in Ziro

The aim and objective of the meeting was to discuss the school related problems such as posting of subject teachers ,.......

ZIRO:  School problems are quite common. Some problems need parent-teacher cooperation. If school authority  need to solve a problem with a teacher, it’s a good idea to ask for a special parent-teacher meeting.  Positive and respectful problem-solving can help school administration  and the teacher work towards a solution.

Keeping this in mind, the Dani Kunia Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Ziro has called a parents-teachers meeting on Saturday, in presence of SMDC and students. The parents /guardians of the children studying in the school from class IX to XII participated in the meeting. The Chairman of the SMDC- Cum-EAC, Ziro Tage Tatung also made his presence along with its members.

The aim and objective of the meeting was to discuss the school related problems such as posting of subject teachers ,  like PGT English and Political Science have been lying vacant since a long time.

Some other problems pertaining to students discipline and smooth conduct of regular classes were taken up by the school authority to sort out the unrest cropping up in the mind of the parents who wanted them to be sincere and honest with their teaching learning process.

The Principal, Tai Tach & Vice Principal Tage Gumbo was quite determined to take reformative/corrective steps to run the institution up to the satisfaction of all.

Principal also emphasized the punctuality of students and teachers  to be regular in the duty of their assigned duties. He further urged SMDC Chairman – Cum- EAC to evacuate the Shop near the radius of school compound selling tobacco and liquor.

In the meeting resolutions were passed unanimously are,

  • Those students who are found absent from the class for continuous ten days, their names will be struck off.
  • The principal of the school emphasized on the government strict order of ban on private tuition and henceforth directed the teachers to adhere strictly to the order.
  • There will be no abuse of drugs or any kind of tobacco products inside the school campus. The students should not roam here and there wearing school uniforms. They should wear the uniforms in the school compound.
  • After taking pledge by the students to make school tobacco free, the students shall not be allowed to be a prey to such bad habits

It must be mentioned here that the school once produced high profile technocrats, bureaucrats, politicians and prominent social workers of the state.

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