Arunachal: OWA celebrates World Bee Day

ITANAGAR-  “World Bee Day” was celebrated at Oju Welfare Association ( OWA )  campus in  Naharlagun on 20th of May 2023. The celebration was organised by Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) in collaboration with the Oju Welfare Association (OWA).

KVIC have been celebrating  “World Bee Day” since 2018, which is one of the major activity of KVIC.


While addressing the gathering Chetan Singh, SFURTI Project Officer, KVIC, informed that a bee travels about 153 kms. just to prepare 450g of honey.

Bees are essential for food security and maintaining balance in the food web and ecosystem.

However, the welfare and number of bees worldwide are declining, and therefore, it is essential to protect and conserve them to maintain human well-being.

He also gave information on “Sweet Kranti” which was launched by GOI in the year 2017-18. He further added on the vulnerabilities and unique features of bees and production involved in preparing honey.


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