Arunachal: One dies due to snake bite at Seram village

Pasighat- ( By Maksam Tayeng ): In a bizarre incident of snake bite which is rare but often being cured and healed by traditional or other means and treatment of removing snake poison, one person named Ginggu Panggeng, age around 50 years died last night due to snake bite as his own home at Seram village under Mebo Sub-Division whose last rites was performed today.

Informing about the incident, Seram village Secretary, Amit Modi said that, late Ginggu Panggeng who was originally from Ngorlung village under Ruksin Sub-Division here in East Siang District caught hold of the snake deadly black King Cobra which had sneaked into the house.


Reportedly, the snake was noticed by late Panggeng’s wife and when informed late Panggeng who was slightly drunk caught hold of the snake from the middle after hitting it with a stick. On careless holding of the snake from the middle the snake bit his hand after which late Panggeng also bit the snake from its tail and head, informed village secretary Modi.

Despite being asked to go to a poison removing expert at Namsing village side, late Panggeng reportedly told his family members that he was keeping ok. But soon the poison of the snake took his life. It is also said that the family members had gone to the snake poison removing expert but on hearing that the snake was also killed, late Panggeng’s recovery was said to be impossible as in such cases, the snake also needed to be alive so that the poison removal rituals could be performed.

Late Panggeng is survived by his wife, two daughters and one son.


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