Arunachal: No place of violence in civilized society- Techi Kaso

NAHARLAGUN: There is no place of any types of violence in the civilized society and intelligent people does no except any violence. Said Itanagar local MLA Techi Kaso.


Kaso was addressing series of election campaign rally in the capital complex in favour of Janata Dal (United) candidates for panchayat and municipality election in and around capital region today.

He said that it is reported from some parts of capital complex that some arson activities has been taken place which is not at all expectable by the civilized society and urge upon all section of society to restrain in associating with any types of violence activities. He said.

“We tribal are innocent and peace loving people and there is no place of any types of violence in the tribal society. He appeal to the people not to indulge in any types of argument and fighting during the election camping.

Election will come and go but we have to remain in a place in a society with love and affection with maintaining communal harmony and brotherhood. He added.


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